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Established in 1979 as a group of manufacturers focused on the production of medical related products. We are located in Taipei, Xizhi, Sanchong, and Hsinchu.

We manufacture for global medical brands under OEM and also promote and market our own brands worldwide. Our sales network reaches over 120 countries including those in the Americas, Europe, and the US, Asia, Middle East, Australia, and Africa.

Our factory has the capability to engage in vertical integration and development for new medical series products. In view of this, we can provide and manufacture different consumer medical products in different countries.

After nearly half a century of hard work, R&R Medical has become one of the largest manufacturers of consumer medical products in Taiwan, and has been highly recognized with high quality products by customers from all over the world in the medical market.



Innovation and development are part of our core business model. We partner with universities research centers and key professionals in the fields of Chemistry, Biology, and Medicine to ensure our products are safe and of high quality. We also work with well known 3rd party testing labs like UL, Intertek, SGS to further test and qualify our products. Our strict production control and advanced technologies spread over 3000sqm brings a vertically integrated production under one roof. Taiwan GMP, US FDA GMP, and CE compliant facility assures that the production process from materials→ manufacturing →end market products are safe and compliant to global standards.

Our work objective is to conduct R&D with a rapid speed and we currently have acquired 17 domestic and international patents and more than 24 international medical certificates. We have become Taiwan’s most representative OEM maker of consumer medical products while our sales reach every corner of the world including Asia /Oceania /Africa /Middle East /America /Central and South America /Europe. Our international OEM and brand sales have been highly recognized by customers for their high quality.

Cold/Hot Therapy 

  • Cold/Hot Gel Pack
  • Cold/Hot Pearl Pack
  • Clay Heating Pack
  • Ice/Hot Water Bag

Pain Relief 

  • Heating Patch

Medical Face Mask 

  • Multicolor Face Mask
  • Fashion Design Printed Face Mask
  • Specialized Masks and Respirators
  • 3D Face Mask

Homecare & Medical Consumables

  • Homecare
  • Medical Consumables
  • Cold Storage & Transport

Disinfectant & Cleaning

  • Disinfectant & Cleaning
  • Mosquito Repellent

Heating & Instant Cooling Product

  • Air Activated Warmer
  • Air Activated Warmer (Adhesived)
  • Instant Cold Compress


That “what we gain from medical care will be contributed to medical care” is our business philosophy. With our efforts in Taiwan over the past century, we export worldwide while keeping our factory in Taiwan. We aim to increase Taiwan’s employment opportunities and devote ourselves to applications of OEM experiences to improve the level of Taiwan’s medical market.

  • We provide a workplace that complies with safety and health rules and regulations to avoid occupational diseases and deaths.
  • We ensure to integrate “Dignity” and “Safety” into all business activities including research, product development, manufacturing, shipment and sales.
  • We comply with international norms and CSR requirements of each country to develop the guidance for workplace safety and technologies of global sales, manufacturing and operations and effectively prevent the occurrence of workplace hazards.
  • We re-develop, implement, maintain and improve four operational principles to periodically improve and evaluate environmental and safety management system of our company and fulfill CSR to protect the life of our employees and provide a safe workplace. We give employees a stable life by guaranteeing their payment.
  • We develop a workplace where employees can rationally achieve self-management targets with dignity by understanding their own roles and duties for the completion of common business goals. During the process of business development, the employees’ living quality have been gradually improved.
  • We inherit and respect the business spirit of R&R Medical Corporation Ltd., to enable each employee to clearly understand operational standards and requirements. With mutual respect, employees are periodically given clear direction to work for and exchange opinions.